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End of Windows Server 2003
Secure Your Migration and Avoid the Headaches!

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The end of support for Windows Server 2003 is literally three months away. But what exactly does that mean for your business? Without a proper migration plan in place, you’ll be left with no server support from Microsoft. What’s more, a proper migration process is tedious and lengthy, so why head down that road when you could avoid it altogether?

No More Patches

Starting from July 14, 2015, you’ll no longer receive any updates, patches or non-security fixes.
And while you think this won’t affect your business, think again. In 2013, 37 updates were released for Windows Server 2003, so imagine what zero updates would mean to your server? Are you willing to roll your way in becoming obsolete?

No More Technical Support

End of Windows Server 2003 Support means the loss of technical support from Microsoft. Simply put, when your server encounters a problem, which is more often than not the case for out-of-date servers, you will no longer have a team of experts by your side. Not to mention, you’re likely to experience applications support challenge too.

No Longer Compliant

When you meet regulatory compliance, your business can enjoy total peace of mind and focus on satisfying your clients. Unfortunately with Windows Server 2003 Support coming to an end, in a couple months from now you’ll no longer be compliant and more importantly, you can face transaction fees and penalties. So why jeopardize your company’s image?

Secure Your Migration Plan Now!

[company_short] understands the complexity involved in migrating to a new server. Not to mention, the time consuming process calls for a team of experts in order to ensure a seamless migration. This is where we come in. We offer a no pressure migration plan so you can avoid compliance issue and remain ahead of the game. Secure your peace of mind right here, right now.

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