Providing Peace of Mind While You Focus on Business

At Infoaxis, we’re all about making things easier for our clients. Whether it’s about improving communications, reducing costs, or eliminating worry, we’ve got several proven products and solutions that we can implement to make your business run smoothly.

We understand the challenges associated with small to mid-sized businesses – because we’ve helped hundreds of companies implement and maintain customized, cost-effective IT solutions.

Our Managed Services offering positions Infoaxis as an extension of your business, your virtual IT department. We can manage your existing IT environment from our remote monitoring facility. Our experience has allowed us to develop a set of proactive best practices when implemented consistently, will provide for a reliable, secure, and dependable IT infrastructure on premises or in the cloud.

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With Infoaxis’ Managed Services, we take a different approach. Our Managed Services were developed through years of supporting customers in many different industries. This experience has allowed us to develop a set of proactive best practices, that when implemented consistently, will provide for a reliable and dependable IT infrastructure.

Advantages of an Infoaxis Managed Services Contract:

  • Predictable Budgeting & Reduced Operating Costs
    FIXED pricing models allow for cost predictability

  • Peace of Mind (Increased Reliability & Less Downtime)
    24/7 monitoring/alerting allows for proactive maintenance, lower TCO

  • Increased Security
    We are your over watch and will ensure secure environment and endpoint protection

  • Reliable Support
    Broad IT expertise. No sick days, vacations, etc.
  • More Efficient Use of Internal Resources
    Free up your internal resources to focus on strategic initiatives

Managed Services from Infoaxis provide you with more reliable performance and more predictable expenses. That means you get more value from the technology you’ve already invested in, while actually reducing the total costs of IT problems and the resulting downtime.

Our proactive process includes these best practices:

  • Remote and onsite support for all managed systems

  • Best practices provided by our Service desk keeps your team at work and reduces downtime

  • Best in class tools for asset management, monitoring, remote control, service requests and configuration management

  • Our team of experts handle all aspects of IT for your organization. All technicians are regularly certified in all required areas

  • Support when you need it: Service Level Agreements govern all aspects of Infoaxis support to ensure you receive the support when you need it, depending upon severity and impact to your business

  • Emergency support, 24/7 for all critical items that can impact your business

  • Resolution and escalation of issues handled using best practices and ITIL standards

  • Peace of mind knowing there is a team of experts constantly monitoring your systems while providing security and backup/disaster recovery solutions

  • Constant monitoring quickly identifies areas of weaknesses through detailed reporting and analysis

  • Planning and strategy with your Virtual CIO to ensure the IT needs continue to match the business needs

  • Infoaxis can handle all vendor liaison, contracts, licensing, and communications

Virtual CIO Service

Effective Information Technology (IT) is key to your organization’s success. IT represents a significant portion of your budget and is in constant flux.  Large organizations have a Chief Information Officer (CIO) to sort through these various issues. But small-to-medium sized businesses do not have the luxury of having a CIO on staff and typical business executives are not IT experts and have other responsibilities that prevent them from spending more time in this critical area.

This is where our Virtual CIO service adds significant value:

  • Align IT strategy and focus with overall business objectives

  • Windows Server Monitoring And Alerting

  • Business system technology planning

  • IT budget analysis (Upgrade system? Outsource development?)

  • Cloud Computing & Transformation (Evaluate potential benefits. Does it make sense for your business?)

  • Monthly to quarterly reviews of IT results and plans

  • Project planning

All this for a predictable, FIXED monthly fee.

Want to take advantage of a breakthrough alternative to break/fix?