You have what hackers want. Here’s how to stop them.

One thing is certain from the recent pipeline and food processor ransomware attacks: any company can be a victim when cybercriminals come hunting.

Hackers will use your network’s vulnerabilities to break in and hold your assets, data, and client information hostage.

Think it won’t happen to your company?

Consider these scary statistics…


A new organization falls victim to ransomware – that’s about


businesses per day.


The average cost of ransomware-caused downtime for businesses in 2020.


of organizations managed to get back all of their data after paying a ransom, with


getting back no more than half of their data.

You just can’t afford to pay hefty ransom fees or have your operations shut down for days.

But you can start being proactive before a ransom attack hits by getting the Infoaxis no-cost Discovery Assessment.

This comprehensive review by Infoaxis cybersecurity experts helps you understand risks and threats across your entire organization and learn the steps you can take to remediate them.

You’ll get actionable recommendations that will enable you to:

  • Better monetize your existing technology through improved efficiencies
  • Employ advanced lock-down procedures for your sensitive information
  • Institute more proficient backups for enhanced data protection
  • Increase awareness among your staff to better protect against breaches

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