According to Legal IT Insider, a leading media and information technology communications channel since 1995, law firm leaders claim that agility is key in attracting and keeping talent as well as supporting the increased demand of a better work-life balance within the workforce. An agile workforce is one without borders, where staff do not specifically require office space and possess the ability to work remotely – whenever and wherever – through the use of technology. This type of environment is thought to help enable skill building and overall flexibility, as agile working focuses on overall employee performance and the end result instead of focusing on where and when an employee comes into the office. Managing partners, Finance Directors, CEO’s, and the heads of IT from 20 law firms who attended a forum hosted by Converge Technology Specialists, were in overall agreement that agility is key, however addressing potential cultural issues around adopting new ways of working and new ways of utilizing devices (such as ensuring that junior and senior employees are brought up to speed) are important to confront before any real benefits would be seen.

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