AI is a boon for eCommerce

Once the stuff of science fiction, artificial intelligence (AI) is currently on track to becoming a key part of modern businesses. According to experts, 2020 is the year that 85% of all customer interactions with [...]

2023-05-09T09:13:46+00:00January 29th, 2020|Web & Cloud|

MyAnalytics: O365’s productivity coach

Installing software that immediately boosts employee efficiency is any small- or medium-sized business owner’s dream. With Office 365’s dashboard, that’s exactly what you’re getting. And best of all, it’s directly integrated with your existing productivity [...]

2023-05-09T09:21:12+00:00September 19th, 2018|Office|

AI is changing the face of healthcare

Technological advancements have a tremendous effect on the healthcare industry. Something called machine learning is the first step toward artificial intelligence (AI) and it’s already streamlining service delivery for those in the medical profession. Here [...]

2023-05-23T07:30:23+00:00September 3rd, 2018|Healthcare|

Can AI enhance your e-commerce business?

Artificial intelligence (AI) or “machine learning” has quickly transformed from science fiction to reality, and is currently on track to become an integral part of the corporate business environment. According to experts, by 2020 85% [...]

2023-05-09T09:21:17+00:00August 17th, 2018|Web & Cloud|

Security tips for Office 365 migration

It’s easy to see why Office 365 is an attractive solution for small and medium-sized businesses already familiar with the Office interface. More and more companies are making the move to the cloud, but there [...]

2023-05-09T09:24:34+00:00July 25th, 2018|Office|

2017’s most valuable IT solutions

“Fad” is a dirty word for many small-business owners. Whether it’s what they’re selling or what they’re investing in, business owners need long-term and reliable investments to secure their future. With 2017 in the rearview [...]

2023-05-09T09:30:14+00:00January 2nd, 2018|Business|

AI can enhance your e-commerce business

One of the hottest topics in tech and in business is artificial intelligence (more accurately “machine learning” or AI). Many business owners are currently looking to this technology for its potential to improve customer communications, [...]

2023-05-09T09:36:12+00:00November 22nd, 2016|Web & Cloud|
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