June is Internet Safety Month, and the National Cyber Security Alliance has teamed up with ConnectSafely (a non-profit organization that educates users about safety, privacy, and security when using online technology) in order to help educate users of all ages about simple steps and preventative measures they can take in order to fully enjoy the benefits of internet browsing this summer. Michael Kaiser, the NCSA’s Executive Director, states that, “June is a great time to appreciate the warm weather and to consider how the season impacts our online lives. The Internet greatly enhances our summer experiences as we use technology to plan, enrich and share our activities. To support Internet Safety Month, we partnered with ConnectSafely, a leader in helping families online, and tapped their wisdom to help parents and kids learn solid online safety measures. NCSA also has some user-friendly STOP.THINK.CONNECT. tips for family travel and brides-to-be. With some smart practices, you can help protect yourself, your family and the extended online community while using the Internet with greater confidence.”

In conjunction with the NCSA’s statement, ConnectSafely CEO Larry Magid also shared that, “ConnectSafely is pleased to be part of this campaign to help everyone – young and old alike ‒ have a fun and safe summer. Besides ‘wear sunscreen to avoid overexposure to the sun,’ our advice this summer is to employ security tools to protect your devices and follow our simple tips to control your online exposure and minimize risks.”

This collaboration provides a comprehensive list of tips and suggestions that allow for families to have a fun, safe summer while utilizing technology to help plan trips, stay in touch, and share their experiences. ConnectSafely’s tips include share with care, be nice online, be smart about pictures, avoid in-person meetings with people you don’t know, chat carefully, and know what your kids are playing.

More information and tips, along with information about future NCSA and ConnectSafely events can be found at: