Managing data in today’s workplace can be overwhelming at times, as it’s produced at an aggressive rate much faster than anything seen before. In the past, records were created, printed, and filed away unless they were needed for reference purposes in the future. Today, however, the term “data” brings with it concerns regarding what data is created, where it gets stored, who is responsible for it, and who accesses it – and these concerns aren’t limited to large-scale corporate enterprises, as they face almost every company across the globe. The idea and planning of data management, coined Information Governance (IG), is used to label the policies, actions, behaviors, and technologies that companies employ in an effort to balance out the risks and costs associated with data to help drive better business decisions. Law Technology Today identifies 5 ways to help jump start the ways in which company data can be managed:

  1. Create a Chief IG Officer
  2. Form a C-Suite team
  3. Identify IG liaisons
  4. Invest in IG infrastructure
  5. Incentivize IG compliance

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