Many small and medium businesses (SMBs) around the world operate every day with the Windows ecosystem. The latest update to that platform — Windows 11 — rolled out on October 5, bringing many new features that SMBs can enjoy and use to grow their business.

According to Microsoft, the creator of Windows 11, the operating system is designed for “productivity, creativity and ease.” The features simplify the operating system’s design to make it easier to use, for instance, moving the Start to the center of the screen to easily navigate, find documents, and more.

Windows 11 also introduces Snap Layouts, Snap Groups, and Desktops to help users more easily find what they need and stay organized. It also added Widgets, which sit inside the Microsoft Edge browser and allow for a single view for news, weather, notifications, and more. The result is a curated and personalized dashboard that users can customize to maximize their efficiency.

Windows 11 also introduces more ways to connect — something now more critical than ever for SMBs, as remote work remains popular for many businesses and employees. Windows 11 now integrates Chat from Microsoft Teams directly into the taskbar, allowing users to chat or video call from their device quickly.

While it already had a robust Microsoft Store for apps, Microsoft also announced that it would be expanding its offerings to include Android apps. This feature should be available in the next few months, the company said. Microsoft also added more features for developers and independent software vendors to bring their applications to Windows and derive more revenue from those applications.

Just as with previous iterations of Windows, Window 11 includes robust security features that help secure SMB users and data and help them pursue a Zero Trust strategy.

While it might not be a feature for the office, Windows 11 also introduces new features for gaming during off-work hours. The operating system helps users more fully maximize their systems, including better graphics, afterload times, and a more vivid range of colors. Microsoft has a long history of excellence in gaming hardware and software, and Windows 11 is no different.

While upgrading operating systems can be time-consuming and require some training, the benefits far outweigh these small challenges. Windows 11 is also built on the same foundation as Windows 10, which should ease teams’ deployment and transition. SMBs can even engage the support of a managed service provider (MSP) to help ease this process for their IT teams.

Windows 11 offers many benefits for SMBs to continue developing their technology prowess and maximizing their employees’ efficiency. It is worth it for every SMB to consider how they can benefit from an upgrade to the latest and greatest software to support their business.